Happy Days

April 5th – Had a haircut together for the first time with Raevian at Kobayashi (hairdresser: Yumiko) on our month-versary.

xmmApril 14th – Was the Xiong Di for Mr Huat on his big day. Tiring day, but I enjoyed every moment. Huat ah!

Wedding at IntercontinentalBrothers

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Happy Friday

Had a good time hanging out with the bros.

Pure gluttony at Guo Fu Steamboat, followed by drinks and singing our hearts out.

Congrats to our stag for the night Mr Huat :)

Jurong Jinx

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Happy Birthday, My Special Girl

Celebrating Raevian’s birthday in Krabi. This is truly an idyllic getaway. It’s not overly-packed with tourists like Phuket, and the beaches are beautiful. Soul-warming sun, waves breaking gently on the shore, longtail boats traversing the emerald-green sea, pristine white sand – this is Krabi.

Happy Birthday xmm

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Thanks KAP

I went down to KAP alone last Sunday to work on my blog.

I guess it was probably the last time I would be able to enjoy the ambience of that place (closing down on 16th March 2014). So many fun moments, so many memories. As a friend put it, compared to other hangouts in the area, the overall atmosphere of KAP was “just right”.

I guess it’s inevitable that some things will change. No matter how many precious memories the place holds, it is still no match for the big money that redeveloping the area will bring. At the end of the day, cold hard cash wins the day.


KAP Exit

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A Happy Week

A special week filled with lots of love :)
Selected our little den.
Had a blessed Valentine’s.

11 Feb 2014 – Flat Selection @ HDB Hub
BTO Flat Selection at HDB Hub

15 Feb 2014 – Post Vday celebration @ MK Restaurant
Valentine's Day MK Restaurants

Feeling loved,

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