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Black and White

“The source of all humor is not laughter, but sorrow.” – Mark Twain It’s funny to see A suffering figure Hunched and Dragging his feet Through a bustling district That simply seems to him Black and White

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a new beginning

Never stay in a toxic culture/ environment, because you deserve better. Feeling relieved.  

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The Most Wonderful 4 Years of My Life

Belated posting of our 4th anniversary celebration. Nothing fancy, just a simple but happy dinner with my favourite girl. Happy 4th Anniversary bb.

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The eye of the hurricane

Lazy Day Feeling like I’m in the eye of the hurricane Owing a debt of gratitude As uncertainties swirl around in a fiery blur

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Totally Hot Stuff – Singapore Shop that Sells Interesting Collectibles!

I chanced upon a shop called “Totally Hot Stuff” at Westgate recently. I went into the shop and was intrigued by all the interesting items on sale! There was a battery powered “self-stirring mug”, mini vending-machines, a puzzle with a … Continue reading

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