Cherishing moments

Just woke after getting 12 missed calls from Raevian.
Had a great night.
Attended Gabriel and Audrey’s wedding at the grand Flower Dome.
Wonderful meetup with the class of 4E. Caught up with old friends, laughed over past anecdotes and shared old memories.
Sat at my seat and just soaked in the moment. The beautiful occasion, the friendships.

Joined Huat and Des for supper afterwards.
Large plate of stingray to share, beer, and one bar chor mee for each of us.
Hugely sinful, but so satisfying. Huat was regretting (not so regretful to me I must say) that his diet plans had done “out of the window”.
Tried my best to enjoy and cherish the moment. Des’s wife is expecting a baby anytime. Probably a long time before we can meet up again.

Slightly hungover,

4E Gabriel's Wedding

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