Happy New Year!

Just returned from a wonderful holiday on Star Cruise Virgo.
Went with Raevian and her family.
Had a fun countdown party on board.

It was basically 3 full days of relaxing on board, playing at the pool, enjoying good food, hitting the gym, walking along Phuket Patong Beach, and spending quality time with Raevian and her loved ones.

The ship’s gym has a glass wall, so you can work out while admiring the vast beautiful sea. As I was lifting weights, I looked at Raevian running on the treadmill across the gym and thought about how lucky I am. Having a magnificent view while exercising, being surrounded by loved ones, being young and healthy, and basically having everything I really need.

Was supposed to start on my New Year Resolutions, but I procrastinated. Will probably post that soon.

Starting a new chapter in my career tomorrow. Nervous, hopeful, and excited at the same time. I guess it’s going to be a sleepless night.

Truly Blessed,

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