How to get Chinese Date Format in WordPress

I recently started a Chinese blog and was trying to change my posted date to the Chinese format.

I searched online and even though people had posted on forums asking how to do the exact same thing, there were no easy solutions provided.

After a few frustrating hours of random fiddling with php codes, reading forums with inconclusive results, and futile online googling, I chanced upon this useful guide by wordpress:


Wordpress Date in Chinese

And here’s how you do it:

Go to general settings (I’m assuming you have the Chinese-version WordPress installed)

Wordpress General Settings in Chinese

Under “Date Format”, select “Custom”, and amend the code to “m月d日Y年”. The date below is December 24th 2014.

Chinese WordPress Date Format

Click “Save Changes”.

Chinese WordPress Save Changes

And you have your date in Chinese!

Wordpress Date in Chinese

TIP: if you would like to tweak the format, you can amend the functions.php file under your child theme. I did not want my date being hyperlinked, and I didn’t want the “Posted by”, so I changed it to the below format:

Wordpress Date in Chinese Formatted

Hope that helps, and all the best with your Chinese website!

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