New Year Resolutions!

And I shall begin with the cliché line…

“Is the 1st month of 2014 almost over?! Where did it all go?”

It’s true though. Time really flies. And before you know it, it’ll be 2015.

My New Year Resolutions are not done yet, and it’s going to be Chinese New Year in 2 days! But anyways, I’ve thought of a few rough ones. (edit 14th Apr 2014: I have finalized my New Year Resolutions!)

1. Blog on Eat and Travel With Us at least once a week
2. Do 8 Muscle-Ups
3. Do 5 Planche Pushups
4. Get 6 Abs
5. Get Google Adsense

And that’s it so far.

1. Music
– Record one travel video with original music

2.  Fitness
– “Swimmer” and “Fighter” Video
– One fitness article per month
– 8 Muscle ups
– 5 Planche Push Ups

3. Eat and Travel
– One article per week

4. Philosophy
– One article per month

5. Peace/Love/Family/Friends
– Sponsor a trip for Mom and Dad

I’ve been sick for the past two or three weeks. It started with a sore throat, to a fever, to being immobilized in bed due to the fever, to gradually recovering and fighting the residue virus/bacteria now. I’ve never been ill for so long before.


Edited on 14 Apr 2014. After one quarter, I finally got my New Year Resolutions sorted out!

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