The Fastest Way to Level Up in Pokemon Go when It Launches in Singapore

In my earlier article, I showed how you can capture Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. In this article I will teach you another cool trick to level up in Pokemon Go quickly at the beginning of the game.

1. Tap on the Pokeball at the bottom center of the screen



2. This will bring you into the admin section. Tap on “Shop”



3. Scroll down to the Pokecoins section. Buy 100 Pokecoins for $0.99



4. After that, go back to the shop and exchange one Lucky Egg for 80 Pokecoins

IMG_1641Lucky Egg


4. Go back and tap on “Items”. Activate your Lucky Egg and Incense simultaneously



5. Capture as many Pokemons as you can within 30 minutes!

Once activated, the Lucky Egg will earn you double XP for 30 minutes, while the Incense will attract Pokemons to your location for 30 minutes too.

Therefore, you should make use of this time to capture as many Pokemons as possible! You are given 50 free Poke Balls at the start, so make full use of them. With the Lucky Egg, you will gain 200XP for each Pokemon caught (due to the double XP awarded). Usually it’s just 100XP.


Why should you use this method?

As you go up to higher levels, it will be more difficult to capture Pokemons, but you will still only gain 100 XP for each Pokemon caught.

Therefore, the Lucky Egg / Incense method will not be as effective later on in the game. Hence, you should take advantage of this trick at the beginning of the game when the Pokemons are easy to catch, and gain as much XP as possible.

Even if you keep seeing the same Pokemon, just go ahead to capture them. This is because you can exchange them for candy with Professor Willow, which will let you evolve the original Pokemon. Every evolution gives you 1000 XP if you use the Lucky Egg!

Yes, you have to spend $0.99, but it’s a tiny cost for the extra XP you gain.


Breakdown of XP

Here’s a breakdown of the XP so you can figure out the best way to use your Lucky Eggs and Incense.

500 XP – Capturing a Starter Pokemon (only at beginning of game)
500 XP – Evolving a Pokemon
200 XP – Hatching a Pokemon
150 XP – Defeating a Pokemon Trainer at Gym
100 XP – Capturing a Pokemon
100 XP – Excellent Throw
100 XP – Battling a Pokemon Trainer at Gym
50 XP – Beating a Pokemon in Training at a Gym
50 XP – Checking in at a Pokestop
50 XP – Great Throw
10 XP – Nice Throw
10 XP – Curve Ball


Breakdown of Levels

Here’s how much XP you need to get to each level!

Level 2 – 1,000
Level 3 – 2,000
Level 4 – 3,000
Level 5 – 4,000
Level 6 – 5,000
Level 7 – 6,000
Level 8 – 7,000
Level 9 – 8,000
Level 10 – 9,000
Level 11 – 10,000
Level 12 – 10,000
Level 13 – 10,000
Level 14 – 10,000
Level 15 – 15,000
Level 16 – 20,000
Level 17 – 20,000
Level 18 – 20,000
Level 19 – 20,000
Level 20 – 25,000

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